Yassssss!  If you have been following my blog from Priscillaz Place via Priseworld Radio, you’ll know she’s one of my regular guest.

She is amazing, a visionary,  beautiful in and out, talented, a leader, a mentor to many, author, multiple award winning gospel artiste and a mum of 4.

I dare not forget to  remind you she is the founder of WAOMM– Women of African Origin In Music Ministry rooted in 6 countries: Canada, USA, Nigeria, Scotland, Ireland, and Italy for now.

A humble sweet woman of God, please welcome my guest- Pastor Isabella Melodies based in the UK and guess what? She claimed this particular seat is not HOT enough for her, so be sure to watchout for part 2 of this where I shall be increasing the heat of this seat; and someone will surely get scarred. Hehehehe!

Yayyyyy! She also just released two amazing Albums and a video with no sign of retiring yet.. Read on dear readers.

  Toughest decision you’ve ever made?

 Relocating to the UK without hubby initially and sending our sons to secondary school in Nigeria


What makes you happy?
Worshipping God in songs and just spending quality time with Him and my loved ones

How often should a Christian couple have sex?
As often as they both desire. There are no rules to it. Key word is OFTEN, whatever that means to them.

How long does it take you to say Sorry especially when you are not at fault?
Could be one second, one year or never. Depends on how my spirit moves me!

On gospel artistes, fame and marriage?
 Gospel artists, just like everyone else, need to be clear and focused on the purpose of their gift because where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable.  
Fame comes with its trappings just like successful marriages come with a price.
It is crucial to stay grounded in our relationships and not be carried away by the hype of fame. Discipline/ self-control is very important.
We should all rely on the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit to resist unwanted/unhealthy attention, and pay close attention to the needs of our spouse and family.

3 things we don’t know about you?

– My favourite colours are red, pink and purple

– I don’t like heights and I don’t enjoy flying!
– I love Naija food and so whichever country I visit, I sniff out the Naija restaurants!

A date with the hubby or going for evangelism?

Hmmm honestly? A date with hubby and we can both evangelise on our date

A music invite at the White House, or an outreach music event in Nigeria?
Definitely the latter! A worship event in Nigeria. It’s not about massive platforms for me, I’m all about meaningful impact.

Red or White?

Red any day, any time

Praise or Pray?

They are the same to me…prayer, praise, worship.

I can’t separate them!

Do you think this Seat is hot enough for you?
Nah! You got to turn up the heat P. This was a walk in the park for me!


PRISCILLA: WOW!! I love challenges!

 Dear readers watchout for part 2;

 Unleashing my blast with no filter and mercy!!



Thanks for all the feedback on Priscillaz HOT Seat. You are the best.


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