Priscillaz HOT Seat: “On Flirting With …?” #RCCG Canada Mass Choir Coord @Derinmusic Spills Her Hot Tea.

Hellooooooo!!! Guess who I have here on my  hot seat? None other than the tough Award Winning Toronto based  Derin Bello. Coordinator for the Redeemed Christian Church Of God {RCCG} Canada Mass Choir and Founder of the {RCA}– RCCG Canada Artistes; a group of recording artistes who are members of RCCG in Canada. Moving on, so a little bird told us Derin is about to release her Christmas single soon titled ……?
You know I will always keep you updated. Meanwhile welcome to my HOT Seat!

Something you regret ever doing?
 Not buying Apple shares!

As a Christian wife, Do you flirt with your hubby?
 Yes ooooo!.. plenty times and more to come in Jesus name
Priscilla: Ahhhhh! No Comment haha!

Derin Bello aka Derin Music

5 things always in your Handbag?
Wireless mouse,
IPad/ Laptop,
Laptop chargers,

Favourite fun place in Canada?
Old Port Montreal

Do you listen to secular music?
 Old classics like Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Roberta Flack  Adele
( love to listen to their vocal techniques)

Sentiments or Professionalism coordinating a Choir?
Professionalism and a dash of sentiment.

DERIN coordinating different RCCG Mass Choir Members in different provinces & cities of Canada at the SAME time using different time zones via SKYPE- {you see why we say she’s tough!}

Embarrassing moment on stage?
 Hmm!  Cant think of one.
Do you get angry or frustrated with God sometimes?
 Yes…just dealt with some personal grieve and definitely went through the anger stage..
but I thank God for his mercy

Twitter:       derinmusic,
Instagram:  derinmusic
Facebook:   derinbellomusic

Can you take the gentle heat on my HOT Seat?


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